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Our History

When I saw my first cassette in the 1960's, I knew instantly that this little tape could be the most effective tool ever used for getting the Gospel into places where it would otherwise never be available. Since that time we built some of the first high speed duplicators and developed the first Bible Teaching Cassette Lending Library in the nation. We have helped hundreds of others around the world open lending libraries, and many of them have been instrumental in starting others in this wonderful method of getting the WORD out.

For almost 35 years we supplied tape and duplicators at wholesale price to those who truly wanted to get involved in this type of ministry. Now we are concentrating our efforts primarily on the lending library, radio and TV and other methods of presenting the saving message of Christ as the Lord leads.

We have been located near Fayetteville, Arkansas for 26 years. The Lord has provided a 7200-square-foot building for offices, and a chapel that will seat about 200. We have a 3400-foot landing strip, so just fly in anytime. (Days only - no lights) and visit. There is a beautiful clear-flowing stream on the property that we make available to churches and Christian groups for outings.

My wife and I are also spending many hours in our "SAVE OUR NATION" organization in an effort to restore God's values and sanity to our government.

Jesus Christ is Lord
About Our Finances

Your contributions for the maintenance of this ministry will be appreciated. Gifts are tax deductible. Make contributions to:

Mission Service Ministries
16261 Pin Oak Rd.
Fayetteville, Ark. 72704
(479) 443-2135























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History of Save Our Nation

Save Our Nation, 16261 Pin Oak Road, Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone: (479) 443-2135

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