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When I was a boy I somehow got a bent dime. It wouldn't fit the candy machine, and no one wanted it, so guess what I did? I put it in the offering plate at church. I've been convicted about that for years. I didn't give the Lord my best. Malachi said to the people who were bringing their blind and lame animals for sacrifice, "Why don't you try giving that to the governor to pay your taxes and see what happens."

Remember, the Lord gave His best for you, including eternal life with Him. Doesn't it make good sense to accept it?
I'm Jay Cole.

60 second spot
One of the most frequently heard statements is 'You can't Legislate morality.' Isn't that strange? I read quite a list of morality issues legislated by both State and Federal law, and all of them are taken from the Bible. There's murder, adultery, homosexuality, robbery, lying, and a host of others. But suppose the Supreme Court decides to change the word 'murder' to 'population control' for all over age 50, as they did the word 'abortion' for unborn babies under nine months of age. What would we say then about legislating morality. The truth is, Recreational Sex, Personal Convenience and Downright Greed outweigh human decency and respect, a rapidly disappearing quality. The once treasured WORD of GOD is now neglected or ignored by many who call themselves Christian, and is rejected by others. Sanity tells us to consider history. EVERY nation that has gone the way America is going has been destroyed. AMERICA, WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
I'm Jay Cole.


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 Jay Cole

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